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4.6 billion people around the world have access to internet. However, only 2% of them own crypto, and barely 1% of these are considered crypto experts. For this reason, people struggle in this market and most of them drop out from it.

Education is a key feature to overcome all these issues, but nowadays it is too expensive to get access.

We realized this, therefore we decided to provide with the best solution for you. We are pleased to announce Waves School, the first revolutionary and free learning to earn crypto education, which will compensate in crypto to people who want to learn.

Waves is the blockchain for the people. With Waves School in more than 20 languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Turkish, French, Hindi, Swahili, Dutch, Italian, German, Arabic, Portuguese…) we aim to bring more people into the space, helping the mass adoption movement and building the largest crypto community in the world.

Welcome to Waves School, time to go Global.

Official launch will be announced soon.